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Beauty Made, Beauty Found, Beauty United by Lyhsana Beauty Made, Beauty Found, Beauty United :iconlyhsana:Lyhsana 1 1 Foreign Land, Familiar Sight by Lyhsana Foreign Land, Familiar Sight :iconlyhsana:Lyhsana 0 0 Sweetest Ruin (Extra) by Lyhsana Sweetest Ruin (Extra) :iconlyhsana:Lyhsana 2 0 Built with Care, Made with Love by Lyhsana Built with Care, Made with Love :iconlyhsana:Lyhsana 0 0 Earth, Water, Air by Lyhsana Earth, Water, Air :iconlyhsana:Lyhsana 2 0 Woven Twixt Stone by Lyhsana Woven Twixt Stone :iconlyhsana:Lyhsana 2 0
Beyond the Horizon Chapter 3
“Did you have to scream so loud?”  The voice squealed, “You’re not the only one with ears you know!”
Rusl looked up to see the ball of light floating in the air, he fell backwards as he tried to lean back to see a candle, lantern, or lamp to support the odd flame.  The flame remained where it was for a second before approaching him.  Whatever this rude light-holding creature was it dropped the light suddenly and held it hovering right in front of his face.  In a puff of a breeze that tussled his bark-colored hair, the light descended and flew in front of his face.  Instinctively he covered his eyes against its bright glowing light as it drew nearer.
“Covering your eyes doesn’t make the monsters disappear or go blind.  I’m not sure how worthy you are of that blade you wield.  Of course, I’m guessing you’ve never seen a fairy before.  Though to be fair I’ve never seen such an untrain
:iconlyhsana:Lyhsana 0 0
Dark Sun, Light Moon Prologue (Chapter 0)
“He ran…” The pitiless voice muttered, “He ran away…they always run away…”
Many days had passed since all was taken from the childish spirit, only a few weeks ago this wandering soul had struck fear with the very mention of its name.  Though so much had been taken, at least the anger still remained.
A short and cruel laugh echoed in the misty woods, the soul didn’t even bother to look, there was no need to look, it wasn’t him.  Instead it closed its eyes and looked away as it toppled out of the large worn canvas knapsack.  All it would see would be that foolish man who lost his heart, if only it hadn’t spoken, perhaps then there would be rest for one who is perished twice.
Grinning widely the man held it at arm’s length at looked at its pale, dull eyes laughing, “You really think he ran away?  How foolish you creatures are!”
A small flicker of anger lit a tiny glow that emitted through
:iconlyhsana:Lyhsana 0 0
Broken Dream's Song
The night begins,
The moon shines,
As day's star...
The day cries,
We arise.
Dream's done!
Alive but never lived,
In dream but not asleep,
A blind paradigm...
Is it truly day?
Will it fade away?
Does it exist beyond?
Memories are all
That's left behind.
Like waves on the shore,
Moving to and fro;
Memories fade,
Into a world so far away...
A wind fades away,
As does the dream.
A song is all that remains.
A dream will fall!
The day will end,
Peace descend,
Where dreams end...
Storms awake,
The stone will quake,
The dream wakes!
:iconlyhsana:Lyhsana 1 1
Key to My Heart by Lyhsana Key to My Heart :iconlyhsana:Lyhsana 1 1
The Song of the Heart
When you’re full of doubt,
Feeling you’ve lost your route,
A song reminds you what it’s all about…
Winds have blown you far,
Your home, your dreams distant as the stars,
Remember where they truly are...
Do you hear that sound?
A drum inside begins to pound,
For in the heart, hope is found!
Song of heart’s string,
Let the music ring,
With your voice join in and sing…
:iconlyhsana:Lyhsana 0 0
Bath Cathedral, England by Lyhsana Bath Cathedral, England :iconlyhsana:Lyhsana 0 0 Golden Light by Lyhsana Golden Light :iconlyhsana:Lyhsana 1 0
Three Fates, Three Souls
Order can be repaired,
Trust that we are prepared!
Friends will come…
We tried,
And we’ve cried,
For his pain!
We can’t return,
Though we may yearn…
Words we wish,
We could say,
When we left that day!
     Skull Kid/Alto (preferred younger voice)
Leave me!
Hate me!
Couldn’t they see,
The pain I held inside?
Why had they not cried?
Blind to only I!
Why did they not try?
Bridge 1
Skull Kid/Alto
       Would but he could hear us!
Do they know,
Does he know,
That it hurts me so?
That it hurts us so?
Can I still be their friend?
Does he know we’re still his friends?
Bridge 2
            Majora/Alto or Tenor (please see bottom for more info)
Order can’t be repaired,
We know they never cared!
Friends won’t come!
            Skull Kid/Alto:
My cries they never hear!
Even as shadows drew near,
          Skull Kid/Alto w/Majora/Tenor
:iconlyhsana:Lyhsana 0 0
Waking Dream
Lost in dream…
Endless sea
Of what never was…
Nightmares grow!
Unfaced foes,
Hold you here.
You must face your fear!
You must choose to end it here,
Or else it will not end…
Your dream,
Traps your heart!
Time to wake,
Dreams forsake,
For they’re not here.
The world lives on,
Past the dawn…
A memory…
You must face your fear!
You must choose to end it here,
Or else it will not end…
Your dream,
Traps your heart!
Open eyes,
You’ll see our skies,
And we may meet again…
:iconlyhsana:Lyhsana 1 1
A Great Big World by Lyhsana A Great Big World :iconlyhsana:Lyhsana 0 0


A Kurd by mfu1986 A Kurd :iconmfu1986:mfu1986 27 8 (SOLD) original - Montmartre in the snow - Paris by nicolasjolly (SOLD) original - Montmartre in the snow - Paris :iconnicolasjolly:nicolasjolly 401 12 For sale original - Autumn rain - Paris by nicolasjolly For sale original - Autumn rain - Paris :iconnicolasjolly:nicolasjolly 2,144 146 National day - Watercolor by nicolasjolly National day - Watercolor :iconnicolasjolly:nicolasjolly 1,149 92 Big Bad Apple by Mrichston Big Bad Apple :iconmrichston:Mrichston 436 151 WATERCOLOR - Place Pey Berland by nicolasjolly WATERCOLOR - Place Pey Berland :iconnicolasjolly:nicolasjolly 1,441 96 One Way Street by TomPreston One Way Street :icontompreston:TomPreston 2,286 320 i fear no storm by iNeedChemicalX i fear no storm :iconineedchemicalx:iNeedChemicalX 629 44 Fisherman's Town by INVIV0 Fisherman's Town :iconinviv0:INVIV0 892 39 Meander by raysheaf Meander :iconraysheaf:raysheaf 795 90 Maned Wolf Portrait by Nambroth Maned Wolf Portrait :iconnambroth:Nambroth 3,228 141 Golden by DestinyBlue Golden :icondestinyblue:DestinyBlue 11,190 571 Aspire by IvanAndreevich Aspire :iconivanandreevich:IvanAndreevich 1,073 45 The wild is calling by iNeedChemicalX The wild is calling :iconineedchemicalx:iNeedChemicalX 732 36 -Medieval memories- by Janek-Sedlar -Medieval memories- :iconjanek-sedlar:Janek-Sedlar 1,496 64 Bugs life by King-Co Bugs life :iconking-co:King-Co 1,477 0


Vision: This piece is a classic idea of the tunnel, but its a beautiful image none the less. It really shows this idea of rough line to...

The piece is a very grand example of a chaos to cosmos style, utilizing the nature of the materials to allow for patterning but transit...

For this piece I'd like to go through each part of the rating, the first is the vision. I believe that the vision here is wonderful, th...

by m-eralp

I loved the concept of this piece, the shapes and colors are what strike me from a distance. I feel that in a gallery this would fit pe...

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I'm not a Critic I'm Critical
Artist | Student | Photography
United States
Basically my Bio is this, I'm a former Early Childhood Major who took 22 years to finally give in to the fact that art is where I belong. After years of studying the power of art for and of children, I finally gave it all up last year to at last pursue a formal education into the art of photography, though I do dabble in other areas on occasion. My future endeavor is to find a way to provide people a way to tell their stories through my photographs. Whether its through items, revisiting former homes, or simply portraits. My favored method being one that utilizes old photographs with the new, creating a story that can later be published to be cherished for generations.
I believe strongly in the power of the unspoken words of a photograph. Often I myself was unable to fully speak what was on my mind and found myself alone and misunderstood because of the power of words alone, through the power of the camera I found a way to be heard and allow others to be heard as well. If you're looking for a way to tell what's on your mind, send me a note or a comment and I'll work to find a way to give you your voice back.

Personal Quote: "When one door closes, another door open"-Helen Keller
My Blogs: www.siegelsphotographyinutah.t… &…
My Website: siegelsphotographyinutah.carbo…
No, I'm not leaving deviantART, nor do I plan to anytime soon.  The blog I'm talking on is a new tumblr blog I created a month or so ago.  The blog is focused on documentary and I've included at least one sample of one entry in my gallery.

So why did I create this blog?  Well mostly because I was assigned to, but I also find it's a good way to sort out my different styles and phases.  The blog I've created is for placing direct documentary stories onto it, for the moment I can't include my Thistle or Objects series as I need to keep it easy for my professor to more thuroughly assess my work, though I hope to include a link to these different series at the end of the year.  The biggest reason I'm not posting it here though is that I've found deviantART's format to be a wonderful place for one trick photos, where one photo says enough, whereas tumblr's is the best format I've found for photo series, due to it's sorting and caption options.

I unfortunately feel that cheats you, my dear viewers, from seeing the full scope of my works and more importantly my more polished works.  So in an effort to alleviate my guilt and allow you to see the full picture, I'm posting the link to the new blog.


So far there are four and soon to be five projects on currently.  Each one is a documentary challenge and perhaps if you are considering documentary photography these challenges will be beneficial for you.  Here are the current five projects:
1. Find a place you know something of or have a strong feeling about, do some research and find the story of that place and capture the feeling of that place.  Remember that if architecture's involved it likes sunrise and sunset.
2. Take a portrait of someone in the spot they first heard about 9/11 and make sure to include their story.  If you don't feel comfortable enough with that try other historical events that match the age of someone available to you.
3.  Take around 5 portraits of people that have something in common, for me I had a bunch of wonderful quilters around, but you have a unique group of people around you that no other photographer, other than perhaps a conjoined twin, can reach.
4.  Take a dime and throw it on a local map or use any random uncontrollable method to land yourself somewhere you've never been to or seen and search for a story.  Look for people, places, objects, or anything where a series of around 10 photos could tell the story.  The first key is to go there, find some maps and wander down the roads and trails a bit.  I'll write later on some recommendations to start a search.
5.  Take pictures of a process, it's better if you feel strongly about the process.  If using cooking I'd recommend making sure that you either a) have your own recipe or b) create a variant of a recipe.  Just create a visual guide, kinda like IKEA.

For now that's the assignments I've been given and I really see how beneficial they are.  So while I may not be posting them here, I do want you to experience this journey with me.  So please take time to look at the blog, write comments here if you'd like about it or just have fun looking in my gallery here.

Until next time...Upload ya Later!
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